FarmAgric Foundation for Agriculture in partnership with NYAYA is excited to offer her expertise in Cattle Rearing and Fattening, Soya and Maize Cultivation Best Practices to you. Our trainings anchored by experienced experts will educate you on the subject matter and set you up with the requisite knowledge for success in commencing your own cattle farming venture. Our training sessions are meticulously planned by our trainer and are designed in a manner geared toward the maximization of efficiency. Your time is valuable, and so is ours, so our goal is to best prepare you while taking up the least amount of your time possible.

Your training will be conducted by our trainers over a total of (number) sessions that will last for 3 months from (time) to (time) on Mondays – Saturdays.

Training sessions will be comprised of both activities and lectures that will touch upon the following subjects:

  1. Cattle Fattening and Management
  2. Maize Production
  3. Soybean Production